Strategic Transformation

Change processes in a company are one of the greatest challenges faced by management. The focus of BSP. therefore lies on empowering your managers and employees to shape change themselves. In other words, they play an active part in the transformation process. At BSP. we accompany you as project manager and change agent through every phase of the process: establishing the strategic status quo, identifying gaps and areas of action, launching projects, and accompanying their implementation in your corporate organization.

Professional change management helps to secure the emotional energy of change as well as the motivation to adapt new things from the very start. We take responsibility and support you as a project manager to understand reactions and approaches of those affected. Together with you, we develop suitable strategies and enable you to proactively drive the transformation process and to resolve emerging conflicts of interest. Alignment of management and the entire methodological approach ensures that change happens in behavior content.

Based on our long-term experience in leadership positions and project management in industry, we assume operational responsibility and break new ground in order to anchor sustainable change processes in your organization. We are convinced that professional change management is a decisive competitive advantage for any company.

Examples of topics

  • Risk culture in sales
  • Frontline Leadership
  • Realignment in insurance sales
  • Digital Devices in the Advisory Process