Foresight and patience are key virtues in sales.
More comprehensive advisory work – this was the goal for Vaudoise. Thanks to BSP., the managers of the German-Swiss sales organization were fully empowered to sensitize their sales representatives more strongly to the importance of comprehensive advice. With this approach, clients benefit from comprehensive solutions, while Vaudoise benefits from long-term client satisfaction and business growth.


In the past, Vaudoise Insurance invested a great deal in the training of its sales force: A comprehensive advisory approach involving the corresponding tools – in some cases digitalized – was developed and implemented. Sales representatives were intensively trained in the use of these tools in several waves. Ever since, new employees joining the company have likewise being trained in the Vaudoise philosophy. Despite these efforts, an initial review turned out to be only partly positive: Sales often remained product-oriented, while the advisory standards drawn up – such as in the area of pension analysis – were not implemented or only partly so. This is where the “Fit for sales” program came in. For Patrick Marro, Head of Sales for German-speaking Switzerland, it was clear that managers represented the key to success in their capacity as role models.

Together with a core team from Vaudoise, BSP. elaborated a number of modular training units that could be directly staged on a repeat basis within the agency sales teams. Here the focus was on practice-related exercises with the goal of anchoring new patterns of behavior in the sales teams in a lasting way.

The number of comprehensive advisory meetings and of recorded third-party contracts was greatly increased; in addition, more pension analyses were performed, leading to a higher deal closure rate. But above all, this impulse resulted in a more positive atmosphere – selling successfully is fun.