Listening actively, questioning intelligently, and selling profitably.
Here we were able to draw fully on our expertise in the implementation of management and sales processes. Our focus was to empower the agency staff to display greater creativity, needs orientation and negotiating mastery in the sales process. The result? A new sales driven culture was established with significantly better sales results.


Confronted with increasing competition in the global market for commercial and conventional printing, Schmid Rhyner wanted to raise its profile with higher-quality selling and through the advice it provides to its clients. With this in mind, more comprehensive projects were to be rolled out and managed with the involvement of a number of buyers. In order to ensure that the requirements of all stakeholders were met, BSP. was brought in to assist Schmid Rhyner with its FOCUS empowerment program, which was designed to underpin the change process and ensure its long-term success.

In the “train the trainer” approach established by BSP., training was provided in areas such as opportunity and pipeline management, effective small talk, intelligent questions, pre-selling, creative solution presentation, and price negotiation. As additional flanking measures, managers were empowered in their roles as sales coaches and in the area of sales management. The spotlight here was on the implementation of client portfolio analyses and planning processes.

Since the development of the FOCUS program in 2015, positive developments have become apparent not only in sales generally, but also in the sale of solutions with higher margins.