Thematic or overall consulting – the client determines the pathway.
Thanks to BSP.’s “train the trainer” approach, a new advisory approach was successfully introduced throughout Switzerland. Thematic advisory service, which is provided in close consultation with the client and therefore better suited to the client’s specific needs, complements the existing comprehensive advisory approach perfectly.


PostFinance was keen to develop a complementary advisory approach to the existing comprehensive advisory approach by introducing consulting on specific themes. The core aim? The client should initially be advised from a comprehensive perspective; only thereafter would the spectrum of other potential themes be opened up. BSP. was asked to lay the essential basis for the introduction of this additional advisory approach.

In an initial step, BSP. helped PostFinance develop the corresponding system, providing support above all in the specific implementation of the new advisory approach, using the theme of “Making everyday payments” as an example. What really mattered here was the fact that the thematic consulting was properly embedded in the existing advisory philosophy. As with comprehensive consulting, the key principle here is that the approach is focused on the needs of the client rather than on product-related needs. Implementation followed the “train the trainer” principle, i.e. internal managers and coaches intensively trained all client advisors in the new approach with the support of the BSP. trainers. The ultimate aim? To multiply success.

The program made it possible to provide clarity on the purpose and benefits of thematic advice. Participants recognized that this was a complementary approach embedded in the existing advisory philosophy of PostFinance. Particular emphasis was laid on the strong practical relevance, for example through specific questions and benefit arguments. Thematic advice was positioned positively in the sales organization – which is the most crucial prerequisite for success.