“Live visits” as the key to learning success.
While the sketches of damage of Die Mobiliar may imply that humor underlies much of what the company is about, the company’s sales success in the area of corporate clients is the result of systematic training, ongoing process optimization, and the strong involvement of managers.


In a series of seminars, managers of the corporate client business of Die Mobiliar learnt how to conduct successful and expedient sale meetings with their teams. In addition, the remit extended to bilateral sales talks and sales training. The aim was to ensure that these skillsets were also consistently implemented in practice. To this end, structured half-day visits to all managers were arranged. During these “live visits”, managers would use the instruments they had been familiarized with and at the same time receive 360° feedback.

Three phases were identified for the program: First of all, a self-appraisal by managers on the basis of a questionnaire and a comparison with the assessment of their line managers. In a second stage, the manager was observed by a BSP. coach in a sales meeting. This feedback was likewise incorporated into the evaluation, and then became the focus of discussion – together with the coach and line manager – about strengths and possible areas of development. At the end of the program, two sales coaching sessions were held, in which managers received feedback from a BSP. coach as well as from other managers and the employees they had coached.

Every manager benefited from a personal assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, from which subsequent development measures could then be derived. Since Die Mobiliar started working with BSP., its corporate client business has grown – both in sales volume and in profitability.