Client satisfaction achieved through service quality.
Working closely with CSS, BSP. developed and implemented a management development program. This contributed to impressive growth in new clients. At the same time, the satisfaction of existing clients has been significantly increased over the last four years.


The objective of CSS Insurance was to expand the client base and become the benchmark for client satisfaction and quality in the Swiss market by 2018. BSP. supported CSS in this respect with a management development program in the sales organization.

In line with the “co-creation” approach, BSP. and the senior sales management of CSS developed the pertinent management standards and derived the corresponding management roles and activities from these standards. Right from the start, the sales heads, market area heads, selected general agents, the head of specialist training and the HR department of CSS were involved in developing the “Hattrick” program and rolling it out for other management areas. Outcome: Three sequential empowerment programs were implemented between 2014 and 2017. The key principles? Teach, consolidate, apply.

Contribution to the six-figure increase in clients; to the significant rise in the level of client satisfaction; to the double-digit increase in per capita production across Switzerland; to the unmistakable management acceptance of the significance of “first line sales management” as a lever of long-term success.