Operative initiatives

Advisory quality and agility are crucial drivers of success for sales organizations in our highly dynamic world of business. They lie at the heart of any growth strategy and form the basis for improving profitability and a positive image. This is precisely what BSP. concentrates on.

With individual programs conceived specifically for your company, managers are empowered to empower others. This cascade effect enables you to pursue new pathways: to a sales organization with greater dynamism, to increased client efficiency – and thus ultimately to greater corporate success.

Operational initiatives are specifically driven by our customers for the measurable implementation of strategies or strategic transformation processes.

Sales organizations must present their results transparently and with the highest possible degree of “accountability” based on annual KPIs. Therefore, operational initiatives such as these should provide rapid leverage and demonstrable improvement in results within three years.

Our experience shows that the main driver of sustainable success lays within leadership. In addition to the involvement of managers, the participation of as many employees as possible in the planning and implementation process is the key to success. The “co-creative” approach in developing programs is lived and implemented in an exemplary manner at all levels.

For this reason, BSP. has specialized in supporting its clients in designing such operational initiatives for sustainable, successful strategy implementation. Conclusion: The target image is not only “supported”, but also lived and institutionalized sustainably with enthusiasm and perseverance.

Examples of topics

  • Sales dynamization
  • Establishing new sales and sales planning processes
  • Introducing new regulatory requirements
  • Development and establishment of a performance-oriented sales culture
  • Implementation of new leadership roles and processes and empowerment of leaders in the role of coaches